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Fine lines and wrinkles may only need one procedure. Medium depth wrinkles may initially need two, each treatment being 4-6 months apart. Severely deep wrinkles may initially need three treatments 4-6 months apart. Because Skin Needling does not destroy the epidermis, and in fact improves skin texture and thickens the dermis, this treatment can be repeated many times. This is the only technique to do this. In comparison to prolonged recovery time from laser and chemical peels, a few days healing period is a desirable alternative.

HEALING The skin is red and swollen for a few days with a light scab covering the treated area. This happens with any skin penetration procedure. However, a light cover of make-up will conceal any marks so a normal routine may be continued. For about 24 hours post skin needling, there may be some weeping/oozing of the skin. A dressing is applied for 24 hours to help with this. Outer healing occurs within 4-5 days. Although some immediate improvement is noted, inner healing (dermis) continues to smooth and tighten the skin for the next 6-9 months as collagen is laid down in a smoother, more regular manner. Note: If you are prone to cold sores, the healing area may become infected if you have a cold sore breakout during this period. Bacterial infection is also possible but very unlikely. As the skin is not torn, scarring is extremely rare. Some people develop milia (small white dots) on the skin as it heals. These can be removed easily. Also acne-breakouts may occur after treatment.

WRINKLES ON FACE & NECK Fine, medium, or heavy wrinkles all respond well to needling. Natural collagen is produced to fill lines for more smooth skin. The results are very similar to those from lasers, but is more gentle to the skin. Needling may not completely erase lines, but clients report being told their skin looks years younger.

SCARS FROM ACNE & INJURIES The pitted scars left from acne, chicken pox, and other injuries can be plumped with skin needling to give the skin a more even, smoother texture. Scars from surgeries, including tummy tucks, can also benefit from needling. The skin color can be evened out so the differences in tone are more subtle. Works for face and body.

Needling can also activate the production of melanocytes to restore a more even, natural skin tone to white or light scars. This is good for scars that are lighter from injuries, surgeries, and stretch marks. Works on most skin types. UV exposure during healing can improve results.

Scar tissue that is tight or impairs movement can be softened and relaxed to increase flexibility and movement in scars.

HAIR LOSS (male and female) This treatment is effective on thinning hair as it will encourage new hair growth and help stop further hair loss. If the hair has already been completely lost from the area it will not bring it back. This treatment takes a lot of perseverance from the client. After the first clinic treatment you will be given some of the tools to continue the treatment at home with a weekly clinic visit for six weeks for a deeper treatment. It takes approximately six weeks for new hair follicles to form but it can be up to three to six months before you may notice a difference. As the treatments progress the original hair becomes thicker and healthier due to improved circulation to the area, what is also very noticeable is the return of color to the hair. Results will vary with each client.

PREPARING FOR YOUR TREATMENT Petin A, facial waxing, strong Alpha Hydroxy Acids and other related products should be stopped one week prior to treatment. Juvaderm, Botox, Fat Transfer Injections, chemical peels, etc. should not be done less than 30 days before and 30 days after Collagen Induction Therapy. Any questions? Call us at 480-766-2836. 


Full Face & Neck                                                                 $550
First Treatment is Face, Neck, and appropriate Serum
Eye Area                                                                             $175.
Upper & Lower Lip Areas, "Smile/Smokers" Lines, Chin      $250.
Forehead & Area Between Eyes                                          $200 
Hair loss and/or Thinning                                     
starts at

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